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Meditation: Not What You Think

By |February 7, 2020|

As a yoga therapist and meditation teacher, people often tell me that they cannot meditate. “I can’t silence my mind!” they complain. But where did we get the idea that [...]

Coming to Our Senses: A Vehicle for Mindfulness

By |October 18, 2018|

Even those of us who have been practicing for a while can attest that meditating can be very challenging. Whether we end up checking out by getting sleepy, or by getting agitated or indulging in fantasies, our normal reaction is to run away from the simple experience of being in the present moment.

Yoga is Indeed About Becoming Flexible (but not like you think)

By |April 17, 2017|

Whether we do it on the yoga mat, the meditation cushion, or in our daily work and interactions with, being able to see the ways in which our rigid opinions and attitudes are making life more difficult for ourselves and everyone, is the necessary prerequisite for beginning to cultivate peace in our minds and in the world.

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The 8 Principles of Posture & Movement (Part I)

By |October 8, 2016|

Over many years of study and practice in yoga and other forms of movement, I have observed eight internal actions that help every body in every posture and movement achieve greater stability, mobility and ease. I have organized these into four pairs of oppositional actions, such that the two actions in each pair balance each other out.

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