A Yogi’s Guide to… well, um, Yoga!

By |May 16, 2020|

Perhaps the most famous words ever written about yoga are in the second sutra of Patanjali: yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of mind. Well, let me (perhaps) be [...]

A Yogi’s Guide to SEX

By |May 3, 2020|

NB: This article isn’t really about sex. Except, of course, it is. When I was a university student, I joined an all-male a cappella group; yep, like a barber shop [...]

  • Anger

A Yogi’s Guide to Surviving ANGER

By |April 17, 2020|

Alongside insecurity, anxiety and self-centeredness, one of my greatest emotional challenges in life has been anger. And while it was much worse in my teens and twenties, it still tests [...]

Yogi’s Guide to Surviving Lockdown

By |March 16, 2020|

So, I won’t be the first to suggest that some good might come of the lockdown and social distancing enforced upon many of us by government action over the spread [...]

  • shy sayar

Meditation: Not What You Think

By |February 7, 2020|

As a yoga therapist and meditation teacher, people often tell me that they cannot meditate. “I can’t silence my mind!” they complain. But where did we get the idea that [...]


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